Never Ending Chain Of For Search of Simple Money

              MONEY! MONEY!  From the day we start understanding the world our search for money started. Initially with no responsibility of feeding our family on our shoulder still we need money.

Never Ending Chain of For Search of Simple Money
Photo by Jarod Lovekamp from Pexels
           And when we become young total responsibility can on our shoulder then it become necessary for us to earn money. And at the old age money is of no use but still we require money for keeping ourself alive.

           Money is very important part of our life. By default it become part of our life. Everyone have a target to earn money for life. Some people having luck get a chance to earn money from there favourite work but some have to work for earn from the activities they don't like it!

           We are selling our part of life for keeping ourself live. Everybody knows the destination but roads are not clearly known to everyone.  Opportunity knocking door again and again. And sometime we en-cash opportunity and sometime we miss it. But the cycle going on. 

            So, at last it true say it is " Never Ending Chain Of For Search of Simple Money".   

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