Need to do Friendship with Market Trend


Need to do Friendship with Market Trend :

Introduction :
In this article we are going to discuss, understand and learn about how to follow Market Trend.
By following Market Trend, How can we make our trade profitable?

What is Market Trend?
Market Trend, simply we can say the direction in which Market moves.
The upward movement of market is positive trend.
The downward movement of market is negative trend.
And when neither moves up nor moves down then it is in sideways trend.

Why there is Trend in Market?
Now we know that there is Upward, Downward or Sideways trend in the Market.
But why it is happening so.
Please understand that any movement in the market is created or happened due to Demand and Supply difference, Greed and Fear situation.
If demand is high and supply is less Market moves up and vice versa.
If greed is high due to different favorable conditions and no fear of any type of negative news than again market moves up and vice versa.
If there is confusion and neither there is demand and supply difference nor greed and fear situation due to lack of decision making in market then market is in sideways situation.
Neither move up nor move down, just move range bound.

Then what we have to do or How to use Market Trend?
Answer to this question is very simple we have to do Friendship with Market Trend.
No one is capable of opposing the Market Trend.
If someone try to do against the direction of Market Trend than Market will vanish the portfolio of that person.
We have to check out Market condition and accordingly prepare our plan to enter into the Market.
Best way is to plan strategy in Market direction and also to protect our plan do Hedging Click Here!.
Ultimately we have no choice other than doing Friendship with Market Trend.

Conclusion :
Swimming against the river current is definitely making loss of our valuable energy and will fail to reach out target or may be late on our target. Similar way Trading against the Market Trend direction will lead to end up with empty hand or with no profit or even with loss. Try to plan trade in Market Trend direction and give proper protection to your trade by Hedging it. Hence we need to do Friendship with Market Trend to remain safe and secure in Market. So Friends All the best.

Disclaimer : This article is only for knowledge and information sharing and not for any type of recommendation. 

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