About Me

My Intro

               Hi Friends, My Name is Jitendra Ajit. I am blessed with a beautiful, loving, caring and practically smart wife and a angel daughter.  I am big fan of bikes & cars and since from my childhood my vision was totally clear as I was deeply interested in Automobiles.  So, from the start of my curriculum I focused my  vision towards acquiring and sharpening my technical knowledge about automobiles and hence I select Engineering for my higher studies and got a Mechanical Engineering Degree.

My Hobbies

My hobbies are Driving Bikes & Cars, Reading, Playing Cricket, Song Mixing, Watching Old Movies, Blogging etc.

My Profession

By Profession I am Mechanical Engineer, working for reputed An Indian Auto - LCV'S & HCV'S OEM from last 12 years. 

My Passion

But instead of having deeply interested in Automobile, I am desperately passionate about Stock Market. Since from 2009, I am actively participating in stock market. From then day by day increasing knowledge on stock market by learning Fundamentals, Technicals, Future and Options, Currency Trading etc.

I follow both type of investment philosophy Growth and Value also.

For that I learnt Stock Valuation and also ALGO Trading. And with hard work of 2.5 yrs we have developed our on ALGO strategy with the help of professional developer.

And my passion about Stock Market made me to start stock market teaching classes and also to write on blogging platform about Stock Market to help the Market Beginner’s to save their hard earn money. By guiding them and making them capable and independent investor to take right path, at right time in right direction.

Jitendra Ajit.