STOCK MARKET INVESTING A Ruthless Game or A Perfect Mathematics


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A Ruthless Game - In STOCK MARKET there is no word called as mercy known to anybody. Rich / middle class or poor have become the prey to this STOCK MARKET. It is like tornado which destroy anything which came in-front of it.

A Perfect Mathematics - But the other face of STOCK MARKET is that by doing proper homework, proper calculation here we can achieve what is think to be unbelievable. It is like reaching to moon from earth by rocket with proper calculation of every single movement and with backup plan.

A Ruthless Game - One person having Rs.5,000 enters into the STOCK MARKET with great hope and dream of perfect future to make it Rs.50,000 and then Rs.5,00,000 and so on. Other with Rs. 5 lakh and want to make it Rs 5 Cr. But both ends ups with zero in their hand.

Whenever they buy stock it went down. As and when they sell their holding stock which they buy at higher rate it moves up. This same situation happen to almost 90% Investor / Traders. And they loose their hard earn money which can be utilized for the well being of the family. 

Being move their little little amount of money from their salaries to STOCK MARKET so that they can accumulate STOCKS bit by bit and in future it will provide handsome return. But what happen to their strategies, they loose their concentration due to large noise of STOCK MARKET and the fancy world greed. And end with nothing in their hands as they purchased STOCKS at high rate sold it at low rate to save their money in downtrends. 

Why this so happening to them? Then  answer comes - We Don't have Luck, We Are Not Lucky. STOCK MARKET Is Not For Us. Like that....

A Perfect Mathematics - On other hand few person with very less money made hundred and thousands of Cr from STOCK MARKET.  Are they know magic or they are magician. Then what is the magic behind this. They have done hard work and studied day and night. They started to apply their learning step by step. They have full control on their Greed & Fear. They are clam. They have defined their Risk and Reward Limits.

They always taken Hedge position with limited Risk and Reward. They earn 2% - 3% profit / trade and repeat it again and again with same amount of money. It result in 2% *12 month = 24%. In this way they worked hard. 

Actually STOCK MARKET is giving equal opportunity to everyone. But the Greed and Fear, Patience and Impatience, Risk and Reward are the factor which make only 5% person successful in STOCK MARKET out of 100% persons and 95% persons reason below the line of Success in STOCK MARKET.  

So Friend Please learn STOCK MARKET in and out properly. Do the required practice and when get enough confidence then only enter into STOCK MARKET. You also learn "HOW TO DO STOCK VALUATION" so that can get proper idea when to enter and exit any stock and whether to invest or not to invest in any particular STOCK. In future I am going to write article on "HOW TO DO STOCK VALUATION", keep in touch.

Disclaimer : This article is only for knowledge and information sharing and not for any type of recommendation.

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