Early You Start More Relax You Are.

Time,Target and Investment (TTI)

Early You Start More Relax You Are
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The Chase for money earning is unstoppable and the Targets are unlimited.

But few fundamentals all of us have to understand like,

As Early you start More Relax you are and More Long you go in Investment.

Our today's article is related to Time,Target and Investment (TTI).

Here we will discuss and learn "How small amount turn into big one with time?"

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What are Our Focus Points?

Our focus point are as given below:
  • Target : 20 Lakhs
  • Rate of return : 12% CAGR (Index return rate)
  • Time : 25 Yrs

We have to see the relation between time & investment, with different investment amounts.

Understand Concept of "Early you start more Relax you are":

We will understand this by understanding relation between time, load and Stage example.

Time Load & Stage Relation
Time, Load & Stage Relation

In our example there is the competition of pulling blocks and the conditions for competitions are given below:

Point to Remember:

  • First of all we have 4 Group for this competition - A,B,C & D
  • We have 5 stages and each stages have to be covered in 4 hours.
  • We have to pull the block from stage 1 to stage 2 upto stage 5.
  • We are having our starting time from morning 4 AM to night 8 PM total 16 hours to complete our task and bring all the block to stage 5.

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Terms & Conditions:

First you have to start to pull the blocks in the morning @ 4 AM from stage 1. But if you have not started at 4 AM at stage 1 than, you have to start with stage 2 @ 8 AM in the morning with additional load of stage 1, at the same time you don't have the support of stage 1 member with you and you have to pull both your and stage 1 load with you to stage 5.

Although stage 3 and stage 4 members are there with their individual loads. They will pull their own load to stage 5, you need not worry about them.

This condition is applicable to all Groups (A,B,C & D). And each one member of each group have capacity to pull 1 or 2 blocks easily, but for more added blocks, they may fail to pull the load and complete the competition.

Let's start the Competition:

Group A started from stage 1 @ 4 AM and followed all rules, each member of this group worked perfectly and covered each stage within time and reach on target on time as they have 16 hrs to cover the load.

Group B slightly late and started from stage 2 @ 8 AM and as a penalty Stage 2 member of group B have to pull stage 1 and Stage 2 load to final stage and having time of 12 hrs.

Group C is more lazy and have to pay more penalty, as it started from stage 3 @ 12 noon in the day and stage 3 member have to pull all the loads of stage 1 & stage 2 with stage 3 load and have next 8 hrs only to complete the competition.

Frustration of Late Starting
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And the most worst case is with Group D, it starts from stage 4 @ 4 PM and have to pull all the loads of stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3 with stage 4 by single member in just 4 hrs.

Please try to imagine all the 4 situation as per our above given image of  Time, Load and Stage relation and also imagine with your, any such situation in which you fail to start the task on time and hence you to work to complete task in less time with lot more of pressure.

Result & Relation:

I know that from the above image of Time, Load and Stage, it was already cleared to you that as early you start you have more time and in relax way you can reach your target as Group A have done and other groups B,C &D have some problems and according they have completed their task with difficult.

Now the main point of our discussion is that, if we compare the above example of Time, Load and Stage with our Time, Target and Investment. Then we will find that, if we have more time and proper cleared defined target and then we can go for our investment goal in proper way to reach our target on time.

And if we deviated from that path we have to load ourself more to cover that target on time.

Extra Load as Penalty of getting late
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Our Favorite Example:

We have to accumulate Rs 20 Lakhs @ 12% CAGR (Index Return Rate) and we will try it with different time frames than see  how this will add more load on our pocket in different manners.

Let's check out Time, Target & Investment (TTI)

Time, Target & Investment Chart
Time, Target & Investment Chart

From the above chart we are clearing getting idea how the Time and Investment tied with each other

1. Rs 20 Lakhs in 25 yrs required investment of  Rs. 1065 / month
2. Rs 20 Lakhs in 20 yrs required investment of  Rs. 2022 / month
3. Rs 20 Lakhs in 15 yrs required investment of  Rs. 4003 / month
4. Rs 20 Lakhs in 10 yrs required investment of  Rs. 8695 / month
5. Rs 20 Lakhs in 5 yrs required investment of  Rs. 24490 / month

See how Rs. 20 Lakhs can be accumulate with investment of  Rs.1065 / month and Rs.24490 / month.

So what you prefer more, obviously Rs.1065 / month investment is more comfortable than Rs. 24490 / month.

As more we make delay in our financial planning more bigger amount we will have to input in our invest to reach out our target.

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From above two examples in this article, you have seen the power of early startup. Early start is always smooth and with minimum load and pressure we can easily fulfill our any bigger and bigger financial dream.

That's way start your investments as early as possible with small amount and convert it in to big ones.

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So, Friend keep thing simple, don't make it complicated. All the Best !

Disclaimer : This article is only for knowledge and information sharing and not for any type of recommendation. Do your own analysis before investment.

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