Why Stock Market Attracts Everyone?

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Why Stock Market Attract Everyone?

Introduction :
This article is nothing but a small discussion with all of you to try to figure out why people are so fan of Stock Market.

What makes People Fan of Someone?
People become fan of those who motivates them.
What they do for people?
Do they fulfill their basic requirement of Food, Clothes and Shelter.
No ! But they make them to think as they are like them.
Everyone having their on philosophy for becoming fan of someone.

What makes People Fan of Stock Market?
The Philosophy of fan, here in Stock Market are totally different.
The main moto of attraction is Stock Market is Money.
Money is required to fulfill the basic need of Food, Clothes and Shelter.
And than peoples have passion and thrill in Stock Market with money.

If people do job somewhere else than they sell their time and skill to others for money.
They works for unlimited hours and get predefined money.

But working in Stock Market as an individual is using your time and your skill for yourself for your money.
If you have passion then it is additional booster energy to your work.
With hard work you skill become more sharpen.
You learn and implement lot of thing.
It help in both way improve your skill, fulfill your passion and gives money in return of your skill and passion.
Ultimate satisfaction. Work for money with your passion for yourself.

Category of Fan in Stock Market :
1. Logical Fans and
2. Illogical Fans

As all of you know that Stock Market is like Ocean of Money.
And as Ocean have many faces this Stock Market is also having many faces.
Quite and Calm, Rude and Aggressive depending on the situation.
And they go on alternately.

Logical Fans under stand the situation and work accordingly, define their strategies as they have experiences.
Illogical Fans don't understand the situation or demand of Stock Market and to do what they want to do.
Don't follow conditions.
May be they have lack of experiences of Stock Market.

And at the end one Fan survive ie Logical Fan.
Here one thing to be remember for Fan that they need to be disciplined in Stock Market.

Conclusion :
Attraction of people toward Stock Market is due to Passion & Money.
Passion and Money at one location.
Getting money without any business but with proper knowledge, fast growth and sense of ownership attract people more.

So Friend keep your passion ON. All the best.

Disclaimer : This article is only for knowledge and information sharing and not for any type of recommendation.

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