Why So Confused About Priorities In Life?

Why So Confused About Priorities In Life?

Confused on Life Priorities
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Life is like a Gorgeous book, each day a new page, a new topic, a new experience, a new learning and several new new things.

Gorgeous Book
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But new thing bring lot of new challenges & new confusions.
And this challenges and confusion disturbs our routine regular life.
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So, as to manage our life smoothly new need to priorities things in our life.

Need of Prioritization:

As an when we start reading new book, initially we don't know how each chapters interrelated to each other and hence we need to read book sequence by sequence as it is already arranged.

But in case of life book it is not so. Although each chapter of life is interrelated, but they don't come in sequence as it comes in chapter by chapter in sequence in books.
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Hence we need to do prioritization of our day to day tasks to make our life smooth.

To think life as a book is simple and easy. But if we compare both of them then we find there is few differences.

As book is already written but we don't know what will come next and in life book nothing is written, daily comes new unknown challenges. This make lot of confusions in life.

The ultimate truth is that everyone having only 24 hrs in a day. No one in the universe who have a day more than 24 hrs in that day. So successful person or failure person both have a limit of 24 hrs in a day. But actual power lays in proper task prioritization to manage unlimited work in limited time.

Confusion on Prioritization:

What is mean by Confusion on priority ?

In simply way it means we are not able to align our day to day task properly in sequential manner and hence our most of task not get completed and the tasks which got completed are not important that period of time.

Here again comes one more question.

What is meant by task completed are not important and the task which are not completed are important?

Please try to understand,
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We  have 5 tasks to complete today at our office. We have arranged the task in sequence as per requirement of urgency as Task 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5. And we are going to follow this sequence today. But after 30 mins due to some reason now we have to complete task 4 & 5 first and then 1 & 2 and at the end 3.

This change in task sequence as per requirement is the adjustment of priorities. Otherwise if kept the task sequence inspite of urgency then our tasks get completed but it is of no use.

But 90% people doesn't get adjusted with this frequent change in the task sequence and get confused what to do first and what to do second.

This is very very simple example of day to day office life about confusion on priority.

But we have bigger question then this above problem in our life.

Why So Confused About Priorities in Life?

Life sequence consist of Childhood - Middle age - Old age.

Our priority in childhood is our studies which will help us for our middle age and old age.

In our middle age we have several responsibilities related to ourself, family and for our old age also.

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Here people do lot of mistakes, like they just think for their present scenario only. They have to buy new mobile, new dresses, new bike, new car and have to enjoy parties. They address present day issues and give more weight-age to present conditions only. But forgot to plan about future.

As long as our present situation (health & finance) is good we should plan for our future on priority.
But people doesn't feel this at all important for them. And when situation change and start testing them, they get confused what to do now?

We should always remember that as our present is important for us, similar way our future is also very important for us. And we need to plan for future in our present situation.

The small insects like ant also know the importance of  priority.  Hence during good weather they accumulate food in their home for bad weathers.

People are not clear about, what are their life goals? What is their financial goals? How to derive financial goals? How to align financial goals? And up to the age they get knowledge or information about these then already half of their age get passed. Now they have less time to align their goals.

Hence this knowledge of financial goals should have to be added to our educational circulars studies as a small part.

Conclusion :

Everyday we need to make lot of changes in sequence of our work i.e. on the basis of priority. But in bigger picture we also have to make priorities of our goals in life. So that our present life as well as our future will smooth and peaceful.

But up to the age we get knowledge about all these priorities, half of our life get passed and then we don't have enough time to make arrangement for our future and other responsibilities. Hence this knowledge should be added to our educational circulars studies as a small part.

OK, friends, All the best!

Disclaimer :- This article is only for knowledge and information sharing and not for any type of recommendation  for investment. Do you own analysis before investment.

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