Nifty50 "NAAM HI KAFI HAI". 
Nifty50 is also know as the National Index 50. 
It is the leading index working under NSE. 
NSE having 50plus indices working under it. 

NSE is one of the biggest life line of Indian Economy and one of the biggest job creator and source of income for number of families. 

Nifty 50 was launched on 1st April 1996, and is one of the many stock indices of Nifty.
The base value of the index set at 1000 points. 
It represents the weighted average of 50 indian company stock of 13 sectors. 
Nifty50 index is a free float market capitalisation weighted index initially & from  26 june 2009 computation method changed to free float methodology.

Nifty50 Annual Return Stat
Nifty50 Annual Return Stat
Nifty50 Annual Return Stat

Nifty50 Stocks

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