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Everyone's Dream

      Everyone has a big dream of being wealthy. A well settled life with his own home, cars, and huge bank account balance. But whether this dream could come true or whether there is any chance of it happening. So, what is your response?

         You'll yell "Yes!" out loud.  But isn't that the case?  

          You will counter that you will indeed work 24 x 7  after a while. I'll be there. Yes, it's possible that will happen. However, it all depends on the path you choose. Being working for others won't make you wealthy.

          But working for yourself can make you rich. But working for your business will require huge money investment. Hence we need to search for a route to work for ourselves with little amount and get a respectable Bank Balance in A/c without joining hand in front of anyone. In my last article I discussed about the NEVER ENDING CHAIN FOR SEARCH OF SIMPLE MONEY.

          So that route of earning money and making your dream true is investing and trading in Stock Market. 

            But route is not so simple. This is double edge sword. You invest money and it may become zero or you come with zero money and you make huge money from market. 

           It totally depends on you, your hard-work, your skill & your temperament to bear pressure. So it total depends on you to earn money in stock market and not on others. 

            I know you are eager to here about Stock Market. 

So, Lets go.  

 Introduction to BSE & NSE                                                                    

          BSE & NSE are two Indian Stock Exchanges are the temple of Indian Investor / Trader. It had turn fortunes of lot of peoples who had gone through criteria which was discussed in last paragraph. 

          BSE (1875) & NSE (1992) are the historical years in which this Exchanges born. BSE (Sensex - 30 stocks index) having more than 5000 stocks and NSE (Nifty - 50 stocks index) having nearly 1600 stocks.

             As a beginner you should have first hand formal information first. 
1. Our both Indian exchange time is from 9.00 AM to 3.30 PM from Monday to Friday. Saturday & Sunday off. But we majorly discuss on NSE. 

2. NSE work in both Cash and FNO segment. Nifty50 ie National Stock Exchange 50 is the major index with top 50 Market capitalization companies.  And based on the moment of price of these 50 companies the Nifty index moves up and down. 

3. Starting from 1000 Point base index Nifty is now above 5 digit figure over 10000 Points. 

4. Other then Nifty, we have more +30 indices are also there in NSE. 

Great Achievement!  Really Appreciable! 

            Nowadays, every India's industrial house  / companies are listed in NSE.  It allows us the chance to own a portion of that industry. As investors or traders, we hold ownership interests in a number of companies without actively managing them. However, as I previously stated, patience, discipline, and foresight are the three main factors that will define your final destination in this market journey.

           Next Article will be on the Entry in Stock Market with proper road map and target what skill we require and knowledge we require and how to acquire it. Good Bye Friends. ALWAYS DREAM TO DARE....

Disclaimer : This article is only for knowledge and information sharing  and not for any type of recommendation.

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