My Mistakes, My Portfolio Journey & My Learnings

 My Mistakes, My Portfolio Journey & My Learnings

Start - Fall - Win


Everyone who comes to stock market have a big dream and want to make a big money in small time with small amount. This is the beauty of stock market that even a common man can atleast dream to become big. Although the latter part have been a tough journey and very little percentage of people complete this journey till end from the start. I am also one of the common man like everyone with a big dream and want to make a big money with small amount.

My Mistakes:

Like everyone at the start of my stock market career, I am also very enthusiastic and passionate about stock market. I buy 5 qty of any stock and sell at the price appreciation of just Rs.1, even having no knowledge of commission, charges and taxes on trading. It just make me fun and happy that I earn Rs.5 on trading. But at the end of month I am just having loss on my ledger. These things continue for atleast more than 1 or 2 yrs that I am having no knowledge about all trading charges.

Then I increased my trading amount from Rs 10000 to Rs 50000. But still no improvement observed and till that time also my ledger is on negative means I am in loss. From 2010 to 2014 I never earn money inspite of I am selling my stock on higher price than that I have bought. Then I heard about Future and Options, till 2014 I was working in Equity ie cash market only. But from 2014 I start to try my fate on FNO.

Because in FNO with very less amount big money can be made in very small time. But here also I am failed. And make big losses. Then I went to learn Currency and Commodity trading also. There again same situation I faced and make bigger loss.

Day by day or we can say year on year my financial situation is becoming worsen and worsen. 

My Portfolio Journey:


The above picture clearly show my portfolio journey and my mistakes, what I have done. Last 8 to 10 yrs which stocks I have bought at what prices, we will see further. But currently I am holding non of this stocks, few of them become multi beggar and market leaders and few of then disappeared or faded.

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My biggest mistake is that 

1. Lack of Investment Knowledge, 2. Lack of Stock Valuation Knowledge, 3. Lack of Patience to hold stock, if stock bought at right price & right time.

Eg -

1. I bought Asian Paint @ 475, now CMP is +2100 

2. I bought Auropharma @ 72, now CMP is +800

3. I bought IFB industries @ 71, now CMP is +700

4. I bought KEC @ 143, now CMP is +300

5. I bought Nestle @ 10330, now CMP is +17000

6. I bought Pfizer @ 1169, now CMP is +5100

7. I bought Pidilite @ 457, now CMP is +1500

8. I bought Reliance @ 726, now CMP is +2100 

Non of the above stock is in my portfolio now.

So, these are the more than enough example to show my foolishness and impatience.  

Exactly opposite nature what is required in stock market.


My Learnings:

But one thing is very positive in me is that, I am very passionate about stock market and want to learn more and more things from stock market.

So one I set back and try to evaluate myself what went wrong. I did everything, worked day and night, but the result is always wrong.

Then I stopped my trading as I have already lost my lot of money but still not lost my hope. As I am aware that out of 100% people in stock market 95% fails and only 5% survives. I want to learn techniques of that 5% successful peoples. I want myself to be among in that 5% successful persons category.

Then someone told me In stock market money is the by product of your skill, perfection, discipline & proper decision. You need to develop patience in yourself, control on yourself for waiting for right time and situation. And money will made only if you learn to safeguard your money in stock market. If you protect your money in stock market automatically money will come to me.

I am trying harder and harder to inculcate all the required ingredient in myself, which is required to become big in stock market. I start reading different and different N no. of books and watching several you tube videos. Learning both fundamental and technical analysis of stocks. Learnt FNO. 

But even though I am very clear about my destination still my road is not visible to me, direction is not visible to me.  Still I am moving here and there, two steps forward and 4 steps backward. 

Then finally come the day and  my God made his eyes on me. I got great teacher for me. From the day I started learning from him, my eye totally opened. I started my learning from start. 

I learnt FNO and even acquired the knowledge for stock valuation. 

Even we have gone beyond our limit and expectation and work hard and develop Algo (The Super Machine).

Really my heartily thanks to my teacher my mentor Sangeet Sir, they have totally changed my life.

Presently start is small but now big journey and success is waiting for us.

I just wish that whatever mistakes I have made in past, no one should repeat. Work hard, learn basic of stock market, be patience,  don't be greedy, wait for right time to purchase and sell at right valuation.


This article is only for knowledge and information sharing and not for any type of recommendation for investment. Kindly do your own analysis before investment.

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