Hi, Friends today we are going to discuss on a very important and hot topic of "How To Make Big Money From Stock Market".

Can you answer why everyone running behind stock market? What make everyone fascinated about stock market? 

Yes, no doubt everyone will give same answer with single voice that is MONEY. Every one focus on multiplication of  money. 

People think that if we put Rs 10 and we will going to get Rs 100 from stock market in one shot. But the fact is that if 10 people put Rs 10 each then at end one will get Rs 100 and 9 people will left with nothing.

At the start in stock market first person have money and second person have experience and the end first person will have experience and the second person will get money.

That's why there is a question "How to make big money from stock market?".

No doubt on other hand few people are making huge money from stock market, How???

What is the hidden magic, they know about money making from stock market?

These question arise as an when we loss money in stock market.

So we will try learn one secret method of money making in stock market, which lot of successful persons following in stock market.

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What is the Secret of Money making in Stock Market.

For working in stock market we need proper common sense. Because common sense is very uncommon.

we need to do observations of public inclination toward the product, demand, popularity of product, business strength, company condition in good and bad times, how they handle.

And after that what is your view to hold the stock based on above observation. Means what you are buying business or shares. That means if you buy shares you are not interested in business you will going to sell it if you hear some bad news and have no surety of making money if  you going to buy and sell shares.

But if you buy business, you definitely hold it for long time even in bad times. And there is more chance of making huge money, if your smartly buy a good business.

Let's go and try to understand it with one example of my personal experience....

Example 1

If we had invested Rs 500000 on HDFC Bank on Jan'13. It was trading @ Rs 313 and we had got 1597 nos of Shares of HDFC Bank. And if kept on hold for 3 yrs, on Dec'16 it was trading @ Rs 601. That time our money got nearly 2 times to Rs 960064 in HDFC Bank.

Amt Appreciated in 3 Yrs - 2 times

Then exiting HDFC Bank and we had invested on Nestle India on Jan'17. It was trading @5762 and we had got 167 nos of shares of Nestle India. And if kept on hold for 2 yrs, on Dec'19 it was trading @ Rs 14785. That time our money got nearly 2.5 times to Rs 2463475 in Nestle India.

Amt Appreciated in 2 Yrs - 2.5 times

Then exiting Nestle India and we had invested on Infosys on Jan'20. It was trading @775 and we had got 3179 nos of shares of Infosys. And if kept on hold for till date, on Feb'21 it is trading @ Rs 1253. That time our money got nearly 1.6 times to Rs 3982883 in Infosys and still more money we will going to get by hold it.

Amt Appreciated in 2 Yrs -  1.6 times

Here in all our money appreciated nearly 8 times to Rs 3982883.

Example 2 

If we had invested Rs 500000 on HDFC Bank on Jan'13. It was trading @ Rs 313 and we had got 1597 nos of Shares of HDFC Bank. In 2019 HDFC Bank get splitted to FV 1 from FV 2, that means our shares got doubled to 3194 nos from 1597 nos. And if kept on hold for till date, on Feb'21 it is trading @ Rs 1534. This time our money got appreciated 10 times to Rs 4900958 in HDFC Bank.

Amt Appreciated in 8 Yrs - 10 times

In both example see the magic of holding it for long time and power of compounding and also we will get dividend per year also. which will also going to get added in our investment.

But now again question come infront of us that how to choose the business for our investment.

This quite tricky but vey simple, if you know how to stock valuation.

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Short Brief on Stock Valuation given below

In Stock Valuation we do the thorough fundamental analysis of balance sheet and P&L statement. And from the past trend try to forecast the future trend with conservative growth rate.

With proper  analysis and study we derive the target price for next level and discounted entry level of stock with handsome return.

We derive the entry and exit level of good fundamental stock and wait for right price for entry and wait for right price of exit.

Stock Analysis give us proper clear picture about stock, When to buy? Why to buy? What to buy? When to sell.

Stock Valuation Method

For the above it is very clear that after stock valuation of stock ABC, we got clear picture that when we have to enter in the stock and when we have to move out of stock ABC. 

Whether this stock is fundamental strong / good or not.

What is the health of company upto now and what will going to happen in coming future if same trend followed by the company ABC. 

If the entry price of Stock ABC is Rs 591.89 and exit price is Rs 710.26 then we have to wait till that price for our entry will reach ie like the example of ball, we have to wait till the discount price is Rs 80 reached against the actual cost of Rs 100.

Similar way after learning this stock valuation we can do analysis of each and every stocks and choose out right fundamentally good future prospect stock and wait for investment in them and earn good return without loss.


To make big money from stock market we need simple common to choice stock and knowledge of Stock valuation to know the right time to buy and its holding time and sell it at right time and price, if pre-decided target achieved. 

So, Friend hope you have enjoyed and learnt many more things from this article.

Disclaimer : This article is only for knowledge and information sharing and not for any type of recommendation for investment. Do your own analysis before investment.

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