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Global Market Timing
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So Friends in last article, we have gone through details of the facts related to the WORLD STOCK MARKET. Now in this article we will have a look on world STOCK MARKET timing

Knowledge of Timing of working of different STOCK MARKET of the world is very important in day to day trading activity. Because during 24 hrs in a day some STOCK MARKET opens and some STOCK MARKET closes as per time zone. 

For eg American Market start in the evening as per the Indian time and close in the deep night. And the impact of up down in the American STOCK MARKET lead the up down situation in our market. So it is important under stand the connectivity among the Opening and Closing timing of different World STOCK MARKET for proper Investment in STOCK MARKET. 

Dow Future nearly runs 24 hrs. Where as Dow Jones opens at around 7.00 PM as per IST and closes at around 12.30 AM. Whatever up/down in American STOCK MARKET from evening to midnight will going to impact on our STOCK MARKET tomorrow morning.

Then after that Japanese STOCK MARKET opens early in the morning around 5.30 AM as per IST. After that Hong Kong & then China STOCK MARKET get opens. 

Which will decide the mood of SGX Nifty which opens at 7.00 AM. which is closely related to our NIFTY as is the future Market of NIFTY situated at Singapore.

After that finally our STOCK MARKET BSE/ NSE opens at 9.15 AM taking into consideration of situation American Market & Asian Market working. 

World Stock Exchanging Working Timing
Everything ok then our STOCK MARKET open in Green and but if anything problematic any were then  our STOCK MARKET opens in Red.

After half day working from 9.15 AM to 12.30 PM then opens the  European STOCK MARKET from there again we look at them and decide where our market will go Green or Red. So connectivity and close monitoring of STOCK MARKET all over the world is important for us and our investments. 

Buy and selling decision of Stocks largely depends on such situation of other markets also. I hope it is much clear to all of you related to World STOCK MARKET Timing.

Disclaimer : This article is only for knowledge and information sharing and not for any type of recommendation.

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